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Rodeschini brothers’ cooking at “La Tana”

Excellent quality meat cooked just in front of you

The restaurant is settled in the beautiful Uppertown of Bergamo, in the most suitable position to enjoy this wonderful and peaceful part of the city. The two brothers Roberto and Alessandro started their adventure in 2011 inside an ancient palace which dates back to the XVI Century. The passion for cooking was passed down to the brothers, and also to Dario, the youngest one and a professional pastry chef, by their family. Roberto attended the cooking school in Nembro, while Alessandro worked as a surveyor, but soon he too decided to dedicate himself to cooking. Being also a member of AIS, he personally takes care of the restaurant wine cellar, where plenty of wine bottles - especially from Piemonte and the so called “Barbera”, but also from other italian regions- are stored.  The passion he has for this italian region is evident in the meat selection too; he buys the Fassone beef meat, the only one served in this restaurant, by a local producer from Nizza Monferrato and he cook sit in a big, ancient fire place.

In addition to the internal dining rooms, during the summer you can also enjoy the pleasant outdoor space.

The gastronomic proposal by “La Tana”

The meat, cooked in many different ways, is the crown jewel of the restaurant menu. All the selected meats, from fillet, to sliced beef, rib-eye steaks and T-bone steaks are roasted on the brazier grill and seasoned with different kinds of delicious salts from all over the world.

In addition to the food typical of Piemonte, at “La Tana” restaurant you will also find some classic dishes, local food and even the “Sciatt”, a dish typical of Valtellina. Among the main courses you can taste a cheese selection or the “polenta consa” by Grandma Anna, a family recipe. But there is the “Patissada de Musso” with polenta too, an ancient donkey meat-based recipe.

The starters are made with local products, such as the bresaola from Peghera and some slow food cheeses like the “Agrì” from Valtorta or the famous “Stracchino”. Among the first courses you will always find the so called “Scarpinocc” and “Casoncelli”, two different kinds of filled Ravioli typical of Bergamo. You must taste the Risotto too, which is very delicious and made only with seasonal products.


La Tana
La Tana
La Tana
La Tana

Price range : € 20,00 / € 35,00 wine not included
Kind of building : Restaurant, Wine bar
Kind of cooking : Tipical local food, Zero-km cooking, Meat, Celiac, Vegetarian
Specialties : Tipical local food, Zero-km cooking, Meat
Perfect for : Lunch, Dinner, Children, Couples, Families, Events / birthdays
Services : Pet allowed, Access for disabled people, External area / veranda
Environment characteristics : Welcoming, Elegant, Exclusive, Modern, Romantic
Payment methods : Bancomat, MasterCard, Visa


La Tana
La Tana
La Tana
La Tana

 Raggiungici Via San Lorenzo, 25 – 24129 Bergamo
Chiama +(39) 035 213137
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Tuesday CLOSED 19.00 - 23.30
Wednesday 12.00 - 14.30 19.00 - 23.30
Thursday 12.00 - 14.30 19.00 - 23.30
Friday 12.00 - 14.30 19.00 - 23.30
Saturday 12.00 - 14.30 19.00 - 23.30
Sunday 12.00 - 14.30 19.00 - 23.30


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